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Your Security Partner

We create a pro-active security solution, designed for you, that not only meets your needs, but also gives you the freedom to create and produce upward.

Breaking News : Aulona Pol secures the World Cup FIFA 2022 in Albania

Market leader

Aulona Pol has been operating in the Albanian security market for 20 years and since its inception has held a Leader position by offering the highest level of security services and new technologies.

Vision for the future

Aulona Pol aims to offer its services on land, sea and air, without space restrictions even in the international arena.


Aulona Pol has proven its resilience in the security sector for about two decades. The success of the company is built on the integrity and continuous fulfillment of the requirements of our customers.

Security Services

Learn more about our people, the ethical approach of our business and the many and often unique services we provide to our customers.

Trade, import, export of weapons

The company Aulona Pol is licensed for the trade of firearms of various types, suitable to meet the needs of customers for sports or hunting. Also, our company is licensed for import and export of type B1 weapons (pistol belt guns) of the most prestigious brands in the world.

Security Systems

We offer a complete project management service, from consulting to planning, designing and installing security systems.

Services include systems audit and reviews, a dedicated project manager will be in charge of evaluating the financial, operational and contractual aspects of each project to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Health and safety

Moments from work

Let’s secure your next project together

We analyze, plan and execute the project accordingly, in order to provide maximum security in full compliance with customer requirements.