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Our Vision

Aulona Pol aims to offer services with professionalism and reliability without space restrictions: on land, sea and air, even in the international area.

Our Mission

“Aulona Pol” continuously offers the highest level of security services and advanced technology aiming at sustainable self-development that focuses on the absolute satisfaction of the needs of the main actors of the company, customers, employees, suppliers and society.

Focused on sustainable development 

Aulona Pol aims to continuously analyze, monitor and meet the needs of its customers to achieve long and lasting relationships of the company.

Fully dedicated to our clients

All management and all employees are fully committed to the needs of the client. Aulona Pol has benefited and succeeded in maintaining an integrated Quality Assurance Management System, which sets and monitors objectives aimed at the continuous improvement of its services.


We are able to bring the desired security service by maximizing your profit.


Our service is dedicated to your safety.

Highly qualified

The experience and professional training of our staff are the guarantee of your safety.