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Qualified staff

Our employees are experienced in various fields. Most of the management team have long experience in the field of security, trained to the highest standards, flexible and convenient – Whenever you need an addition to your security, or all your security requirements, we will meet your specifications and needs.
Also, our teams can train your employees to use your technology.
We have set the highest standards for our employees. Every employee is trained in how to think, act and react to problem solving before it occurs. Our experienced managers help employees 24/7. This means staying safe because a dedicated team is committed to providing you with the highest level of customer security and service.


The ethics of the company is based on teamwork. The company strives to create a work environment where staff are valued and recognized.
Special emphasis is given to issues related to health and safety at work, as well as the development of leadership skills of our managers and employees.
Encouragement, motivation and gratitude are important for company policies.
The results are very positive and the employees feel proud to work at Aulona Pol company.


“Aulona Pol 1”, has committed its energies to a policy of teamwork, mutual understanding and increasing long-term business relationships. We invest in staff training according to the best international concepts and standards, to create a competitive and professional work environment, in order to fulfill our mission.

Our staff is licensed and trained in all aspects of security management, including psychophysical, legal, first aid training, emergency response, conflict resolution, reporting and service regulation requirements.

According to the need for knowledge, trainings have been developed for the improvement of communication skills in public and client relations, the strategic policies of the company, etc.


We are able to bring the desired security service while maximizing your profit.


Our service is dedicated to your safety.

Highly qualified

The experience and professional training of our staff are the guarantee of your safety.