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We create standards,
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About Us

Aulona POL 1 Ltd is one of the leading providers of security and smart solutions serving consumers and business customers through its locations and monitoring centers throughout Albania, and one of the largest networks of security professionals in Albania.
The Company, as one of the largest networks of security professionals in Albania, offers many ways to help protect its customers.
It offers creativity through investments in infrastructure, technology and human resources for: domestic and foreign businesses, commercial banks, small businesses, housing, and various clients.

Who are we?

The company “Aulona Pol 1” Ltd, was founded in 2001, with a clear vision for the expansion, improvement and increase of quality in providing the service “SECURITY”.
At the national level “Aulona Pol 1” is licensed by the Albanian government for services in: the field of facility security; persons; various socio-cultural, sports, religious and political activities; securing and escorting the transportation of monetary values and valuables; export, import and trade of weapons; as a security authority at ports and airports; with the Industrial Security certificate; etc.
We are certified internationally with ISO standards
The only security company in Albania that has brought the polygraph service through the certification of its expert in a EU country.

We are guided by values

Health and safety


We are able to bring the desired security service while maximizing your profit.


Our service is dedicated to your safety.

Highly qualified

The experience and professional training of our staff are the guarantee of your safety.


Board Director

Flamur Çelaj


Ilir Gjoci

Head of Operations